Beautiful Georgian Bay Island For Rent, 20 Acre Private Island Near Parry Sound.

Somerset Island - History

The house on Somerset Island is Called Woryco. A glimpse of the early days on Somerset Island can be had from a book written in 1925 by Charles E. Kennedy, publisher of the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

(About 1900) when but a half dozen cottages had been built on the islands (around Sans Souci), Mr. J.J. Mandelbaum, worn from the work of strenuous and successful interurban railroad promotion, must have reasoned to himself that man, like electric batteries, to be kept going, should have an occasional rest and overhauling. Anyway ‘M.J.’ discovered, as had John Farley (see B2207) and some others of us, that Moon District points directly to the stars and health!

And one result of Mandelbaum’s speculations upon health, and in railroads, is picturesque Somerset Island upon which glistening in the sunlight and, on nights of storm, beckoning welcome from the many windows made ruddy from open fires within, looms his large and very pretty lodge named Woryco. Facing in part some groups of smaller islands and the great open water to the south and west, far out in which play big freighters from Cleveland and other shipping ports, the view is one for never changing splendor.

Here for many happy summers, and usually surrounded by friends, the Mandelbaums have secluded themselves from the erosive attacks of old man Worry. Not long ago I read with absorbing interest a huge pen and pencil written ‘log book’ in the living room at Woryco. There, spread in original verse, in humorous description illustrated the fanciful sketches, I found the thoughts of a hundred or more Clevelanders who from time to time were guests. I noticed that a number of these appropriately pay tribute to M.J.’s ‘chum’ sister, Mrs. Sarah M. Baker, during all these years charmingly associated with him in the midsummer trips to this haven of peace and rest.


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